If the SDR role is dead, what can replace this pipeline?


The winds of change are blowing in the sales world. Whispers of the "dead SDR" role are swirling, leaving many companies wondering: How do we build a thriving sales pipeline without them? Don't fret! Join […]

CRO Connected Networking Event & Pricing Panel

Erevena, Manfield House Erevena, Manfield House, 1 Southampton St, London, United Kingdom

Unlock Pricing Secrets & Forge Powerful Connections: Join Our Exclusive Networking Event & Pricing Panel! Feeling lost in the pricing game? Do you struggle to balance value proposition with maximizing revenue? Join us for a […]

Forget Diversity- Focus on Fairness


Forget Diversity- focus on fairness - a conversation w CEO Kate Pljaskovova, FairHQ Join hundreds of other forward-thinking leaders already building their sales knowledge in our community

Becoming & being a CEO: The journey & the job


Ever dreamt of being the CEO? The title may sound glamorous, but the reality involves a unique set of challenges and rewards. Join us for an intimate virtual roundtable with seasoned CEOs   Join hundreds […]