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How has remote and virtual selling impacted your ability to develop sales talent?

The Covid pandemic brought about mass change in the sales world, but how have these changes impacted or are still impacting the way you sell virtually? More importantly, how do you now identify top sales talent and coach and develop your teams to success?

Richard Smith, VP Sales EMEA at Allego

Do you really understand your value

Everyone talks about selling value but how do you know what that real value is? Dave took Coyote through and exercise to reframe their understanding of the real value of the solution and as a result, change their messaging; sales approach and corporate and development mindset. This session will look at how that strategic change was delivered and the initial impact it has had.

Dave Oates, CRO from Coyote Software

Pricing Excellence: Managing Unprecedented Inflation through Price Increase Campaigns

Given the historic levels of inflation, businesses are facing significant margin erosion and pricing pressure. This session will focus on how to build a price adjustment process to protect margins, unlock growth and offset the commercial implications of rising costs.

Peter Colman, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Reframing Stress & Reducing Burnout in Yourself & Your Organization

Unhealthy stress & burnout are one of the biggest threats to any business success right now. If untreated it can see rising impacts on performance and most importantly individuals mental health. This workshop will focus on giving you the tools and insights to better understand how to reframe stress, spot the signs and causes of burnout, along with some ways to reduce it.

Chris Hatfield, Sales Psyche

Reshaping Your Go-to-Market Strategy to Optimise Resourcesand Drive More Profitable Revenue

If you’re reading the headlines, the news about inflation, an uncertain economy and war are likely impacting your business strategy. As talks of growth begin to shift to things like cost containment and improving bottom-line efficiencies, Sales and Revenue leaders are zeroing in on how to make the most of their go-to-market (GTM)

In this roundtable, we’ll explore strategies to optimize your GTM resources to help you drive more predictable, profitable and resilient revenue, including:

• Creating optimized territories to drive rep efficiency and allow more time for sales coaching

• Developing compensation plans that drive behaviors aligned to your corporate goals

• Combining pipeline data with compensation plans to predict commissions, giving reps visibility into earnings and finance an accurate view of expenses

• Reducing technical debt by retiring point solutions and adopting a single RevOps platform

Kris McKenzie, VP EMEA from Xactly

Changing to an “outside-in” mind set in sales and marketing

Buyers are looking for something different from salespeople, rather than being told about your company and solution they crave insight that will help their businesses. To achieve this, sales people need new skills as well as a change in mindset in both sales and marketing, which starts with looking at the customer/market first, creating messages and propositions that focus on the customer.

In this hour, we will examine how by understanding the customer’s buying process, sales and marketing can create value at every interaction and create a gap that can lead to differentiation

Mark Savinson, CEO of Strategy to Revenue


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