Market Development Representative Northern Europe

We’re democratizing the insights, ideas and experience of the worlds most successful GTM executives to help organisations dominate markets. In 2 years, we’ve spoken to about 20% of our home market and already have 5% of them working with us to build the most senior revenue leadership community in Europe. With that support and confidence from the market, we’re ready to play for domination.

We’re looking to work with someone who wants to be the worlds no.1 sales/market development rep. Someone who on a deep core level truly believes they can become that and are willing and ready to execute that into reality.

The candidate will have access to mentors and development from some of the worlds most successful sales executives & leaders. Why? Because that’s our business. We believe all of us are smarter than any of us, we are the sum of who we spend the most time with, therefore you will have access like no other to the world’s best operators in the field.

The candidate will join a small team that deeply cares about each other.

The candidate will be a huge driving force in our next stage of growth and will be recognized for that.

But the brutal truth..

We’re far from perfect

We get a lot of things wrong

We try break things all the time

We’re always ON

We can’t promise you a bunch of things most companies can, there’s no cool office, there’s no airpods, there’s no free fruit or bean bag chairs.

This is essentially the chapter beyond the ‘just starting from the garage’ scene. Which technically means two things.. It’ll be hard, near enough impossible to pull off but the upside is we could build something that truly changes the future of revenue leadership. .

Right now, we are a team of 5 people, making you no.6.

Our dream candidate is obsessed with self-improvement, truly wants to become no.1 in the discipline of sales & market development, is prepared to fail and happy to passionately debate their beliefs.

Our fundamental belief is every day’s a school day and it’s that belief in execution that we believe gives us the best chance of success. 

This is a safe space to be vulnerable, open, and honest with no bureaucratic layers. Everyone’s voice matters equally.

Ideally this person has prior SDR experience, chooses the phone as weapon of choice, obsessive over messaging and technical delivery of it and genuinely wants to make an impact in their work.

The literal scope of the role:

This is a fully remote role, however you will be expected to travel to events with overnight stays from time to time, where necessary.

Basic plus OTE but will also consider freelance/contract person.

To apply please send cv to

Things that would help us consider you faster:

Send us an audio recording of you role playing a cold call or doing one for real.

Get Josh on the phone and do what you do..

Get an intro from someone.

Thank you so much for your consideration, we look forward to meeting you.