I am so privileged to have you part of the CRO Connected community

and truly believe we have the potential to co-build something that changes the future of GTM leadership for the better.

Irrespective of size of company, stage, rate of growth, industry or positioning globally we have the collective wisdom & experience to help each other build companies that dominate markets and as a result reach our full career potential.

It’s been incredible to see how much goodwill is baked into the community and I believe that’s fundamentally why we’re growing. Community has to be built on reciprocity, put simply, give before we get.

I’m excited to share this document with you and I hope this excites you as it’ll detail how I believe we reach our next stage of growth and meaning for you, our members.

Thank you so much for everything, me and the team are honoured to serve you.

As mentioned in the video on the event schedule page, we’re looking to up the frequency of in-person events we do as a way to enable members to realise more value. However for this to be possible, we need access to space we can utilise at no cost.

there are 3 types of event spaces we need

Space for drinks evenings

Bar areas or rooms you think are suitable to accommodation 50-70 people

Dinner evening

Spaces where we could accommodate <32 people for a sit down dinner. Tables would need to be there, usually 4 tables of 8. We would provide catering

1 day event space

Space that could accommodate <100 people with room for a stage. Ideally with 2-3 breakout rooms for roundtables that fit <25 people


Membership Directory*

Event Schedule

GTM Tech Stack Reviews*



We would deeply appreciate you spending a few minutes sharing ideas on:

  • Topics / talk tracks for events (virtual or physical)
  • Speakers/ thought-leaders you recommend
  • Sessions you would like to host
  • Content suggestions for newsletter
  • Any other ideas you have?

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So far we’ve been honoured to have interviewed so many members for our croconnected.com podcast.

It’s a great way for us to share our collective wisdom & experience along with add to our personal brand both inside of the community and externally (we distribute snippets on social and on our email NL).

The podcast is an opportunity for us to learn about you, your story and then major on a topic you are most passionate about and/or expert on

Please join our podcast by completing the form

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Referrals are the most effective way for us to grow the community,

both in terms of cost to scale but most importantly member alignment…

3x members introduced in a year

50% membership discount next year

4x members introduced in a year

100% Free membership next year

Joshua Smith

Founder & CEO


Gary Smith

Community Development

Stefan Price

Design & Information

Tamara McMillen

Advisor & CCO

David Oates

Board Advisor