TheInquisitor – Can You Even Understand Your Commission Plan
TheInquisitor – Can You Even Understand Your Commission Plan

“Take action in December before you close the books for the year”, says Dan Goodman, founder of #TruCommish. Dan’s a man on a mission – to make salespeople’s pay transparent and fair and help employers attract and retain their top sales talent.

Imagine a brand that could say that all commissions are subject to independent verification that they are complete, paid on time and fair. What effect would that have on attracting and keeping top talent?

Dan offers this for free for now for salespeople so if you want to be certain you are being paid what you are owed, and if you feel you aren’t … to be able to evidence your case unequivocally and irrefutably. He’s built an algorithm he claims can decipher any compensation plan and push out accurate commission statements

If you earned it, you should be paid. If you didn’t it helps to know why so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

If your contract is 36 pages long or you have a 12 page dress code, odds are you compensation plan looks like a PhD thesis in astrophysics … call Dan! If you believe you’ve been stiffed, or you landed a mega deal and now you think your CFO is going to reduce what you’re owed  through clawbacks, moving the goal posts or other shenanigans, have a listen. Dan points you towards some great big fat clues that you might have a problem with #nonpayment #underpayment #wrongpayment of #commissions.

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