TheInquisitor – Do the Best With What You Have
TheInquisitor – Do the Best With What You Have

“If you’re nice to someone’s detriment you are a manipulator”, says Eloise Leeson, founder of #OlimComms and a world leading linguistic strategic consultant. Eloise advises global institutions, NGOs, global advertising agencies and technology companies on their communication to improve performance and results.

Poor communication can at best slow things down, at worst, sow confusion, division and create unhelpful and preventable friction and conflict. Eloise and I discuss how to make your communication accomplish what you intended. We dig into the critical nature of your internal communication and the ripple effect poorly chosen language can create.

“Self awareness is your beginning to understand of the other person”, says Eloise. We dig into the effects of entitlement in your communication. “Unless you think about the other person twice as much as yourself, then you probably aren’t self aware at all.”

She warns us of the dangers of “ASSUMING YOU KNOW!” Have you done your research? When was the last time you checked back to make sure everything was going well and nothing has changed? Go back and do it again. Rinse and repeat at least twice a year

Do these behaviours and you will help them identify unidentified needs, unmet demand, shine a light on the dark corners into which you can help.

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