TheInquisitor – How to Outsource Outbound Sales Effectively
TheInquisitor – How to Outsource Outbound Sales Effectively

Ricky Pearl, founder of Pointer, #SalesAsAService and I discuss how to use outbound most effectively. It’s not what you think and it’s not what you are doing at the moment.

Most of you are going through the motions of outbound but your haste is getting in the way of your success.

Patience is lacking. Deep thinking and joint attention on the real problems and true intended, shared outcome is needed because at the moment the VAST majority (97-99% of the effort, money and time is WASTED TRYING TO CUT THROUGH THE NOISE marketers and salespeople have created.

Think about it for a moment.

Playing the “numbers game” works for a very few.

Playing the “long game” works for everyone except those who get churned through the machine and spat out the other side.

Ricky and I explore a much better way, a more thoughtful way and a way that gets more of you to the intended destination with substantially fewer casualties, significantly lower costs, eliminate the majority of your unwanted staff turnover, provide a steady stream of quality meetings with the right people who are already warm and receptive to you and how you can help.

Selling warm beats selling cold 6:1. Selling HOT outsells selling cold 18:1. But most of you will say, “It sounds like a lot of work, I can’t be bothered”, to which I ask, “Is it 18x more work, because that is the cost of inaction?”

Have a listen. Disagree if you have a strong case. Tell us why we are wrong. If you agree, tell us how we can improve our thinking. This is a topic we all need to consider because as times get tougher and the economy continues to throw uncertainty our way, we need to find ways to create #PipelineCertainty, #CRMhygiene and #BuyerSafety.

Lots more besides in this episode. Watch Ricky. He is one of the leaders of the future and you will do well to understand how he is building his sales operation and culture.

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