TheInquisitor – Selling From Your Comfort Zone
TheInquisitor – Selling From Your Comfort Zone

Stacey Hall, author of Selling From Your Comfort Zone says, “People need to stop getting out of their comfort zone, and get back into their power zone.”

Being comfortable selling without artifice, without trying to fit in with what you’re guessing are the expectations or norms, without clumsy attempts manipulation requires a rethink.

“Too many people suffer from a lack of confidence in self to find own way to make sales, so there’s an unhealthy over reliance on gurus. Only around 3% make a real living, the rest are frozen in place. And then they being blamed or are blaming themselves instead of looking at what’s wrong with the system!” says Stacey.

When choosing companies to represent and managers to work with, beware those who choose to follow those tactics that create at best inconsistent results. It’s time to stop teaching manipulation and focus on fundamentals – overcoming objections – give it a rest!

We discuss these 5 pillars of success in sales, management and life

1. Quality questions

2. Quality answers

3. Full body, intentional, active listening

4. Contextual awareness

5. Being present

We dig into what should be obvious but is so often overlooked. Most people engage if you take a sincere, personal interest in them. The buyer doesn’t have a script! Why are you fascinated by your product? Tell us stories. Share personal experiences. Create buyer envy and curiosity. Stop just being a winning babysitter!

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