TheInquisitor with Marcus Cauchi ft Chris Blackwell
TheInquisitor with Marcus Cauchi ft Chris Blackwell

“Dysfunction is often a product of how you treat your people”, says Chris Blackwell. We talk #Ethics #Values and #Purpose. We ask what are the causes of high performance? And what are the fundamental attribution errors that lead to blindspots and unintended consequences?

Growing slowly is OK, stagnating isn’t. If you treat your people like children they’ll act like children. Treat adults like adults. Create the conditions so they think for themselves, take responsibility, cooperate and share.  

The deep dive on ethics in sales and management is the first of many we will be exploring on the topic.

Please can you refer me to possible guests …

If you rate any authors, academics or commentators on the subject of #SalesEthics #BusinessEthics #ManagementEthics #HiringEthics please can you put us together

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